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5:00pm - 10:30pm
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New Peking Garden
Fore Street
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New Peking Garden
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Starters from Peking Garden - Looe

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

1/2 Crispy Aromatic Duck£18.50Qty:
Served with salad, pancakes and hoi sin sauce
1/4 Cripsy Aromatic Duck£9.90Qty:
Served with salad, pancakes and hoi sin sauce
Capital Spare Ribs£6.50Qty:
Chicken Curry Parcels (3 Pieces)£4.20Qty:
Chicken Kebab with Satay Sauce£5.20Qty:
Chicken Wings with Capital Sauce£5.10Qty:
Chicken Wings with Garlic Salt & Pepper£5.10Qty:
Crispy Seaweed£4.00Qty:
Crispy Won Ton (x10)£4.00Qty:
with sweet and sour sauce dip
Dry Spare Ribs£6.50Qty:
Duck Spring Roll (x2)£4.20Qty:
Mixed Starter£10.20Qty:
Chicken curry parcels, samosas, BBQ spare ribs, crispy won ton, prawn on toast and spring rolls
Pancake Roll (x1)£3.00Qty:
Prawn Crackers£2.20Qty:
Prawn on Toast (4 Pieces)£3.90Qty:
Salt & Spicy Spare Ribs£6.50Qty:
Spare Ribs with Barbecue Sauce£6.50Qty:
Spring Rolls (x2)£3.90Qty:
Vegetable Pancake Rolls (10 Pieces)£3.60Qty:
bang bang chicken£5.50Qty:
Chincken slice with home made salad cream with lettuce and cucumber(contain peanut butter, salad cream and mayonnaise)
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